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Largely derivated from Vega, Vega C offers improved capacity, flexibility and performance, perfectly adapted to the light-lift market segment. Versatile, modular and competitive are key design features of Vega C:

  • a new solid fuel engine -P120C- which will be used for Vega C and Ariane 6 strap-on booster in order reduce costs and increase performance;
  • improved second stage;
  • and larger fairing to significantly increase payload mass and volume capabilities.
ZEFIRO 40 (Z40)

ZEFIRO 40 (Z40)

ZEFIRO 40 (Z40)

  • PROPELLANT MASS: 36 tons

The Zefiro 40 motor —Vega C’s second stage propulsion system— was developed by Avio, with the goal of surpassing intrinsic limits of the Zefiro 23. As compared with its predecessor, Zefiro 40 has higher average pressure, improved structural design margins for the casing and propellant grain, and a flexible joint with low resistant torque.

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