Vega C

Versatile and cost effective

To meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic market segment for light-lift launch services, Vega C offers Arianespace customers enhanced payload performance at a competitive price.

The payload capacity to Sun-synchronous Earth orbit at 700 km. will increase from about 1,500 kg. with the current Vega configuration to 2,200 kg. on Vega C.

This improved lift capability, along with increased volume under the payload fairing, will further consolidate Vega’s market position and respond to the evolving launch needs of commercial and institutional users.

As a European Space Agency (ESA) program, Vega C is well adapted for a broad range of missions, from nanosatellites to larger optical and radar observation spacecraft. Payload adapters will facilitate Vega C’s deployment of multiple satellite passengers, including configurations with primary payloads that are accompanied by CubeSats or microsats.

In response to the rapidly growing small satellite market, Vega C (as well as Vega) includes shared payload opportunities with Arianespace’s Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS). The SSMS enables multiple small satellites from 1 kg. to 500 kg. to be flown together with the objective of sharing the launch cost, and it was been developed with the support of ESA and Vega prime contractor Avio. The satellite dispenser is an ESA product developed by Avio under ESA leadership, and is produced by the Czech company, SAB Aerospace s.r.o. Satellite integration can be performed for the first time in Europe (at the Czech Republic).

2,200 kg.
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