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Largely derivated from Vega, Vega C offers improved capacity, flexibility and performance, perfectly adapted to the light-lift market segment. Versatile, modular and competitive are key design features of Vega C:

  • a new solid fuel engine -P120C- which will be used for Vega C and Ariane 6 strap-on booster in order reduce costs and increase performance;
  • improved second stage;
  • and larger fairing to significantly increase payload mass and volume capabilities.



  • PROPELLANT MASS: 0.74 tons

Responsible for orbital positionning and attitude control, the AVUM+ stage consists of two different sections: one that hosts the propulsion system (APM: AVUM Propulsion Module), and the other which is devoted to the platform that houses the avionics (AAM: Avum Avionics Module).

The APM provides and axial thrust control during the final stages of flight, in accordance with mission requirements; while the AMM avionics module hosts the main components of the launch vehicle’s avionic subsystem.

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