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Soyuz May 27, 2021

Flight ST32 – Launch delay

New launch date for the OneWeb constellation

Due to the replacement of one item of electrical equipment on the Soyuz launcher at the Vostochny Space Center, the Flight ST32 – initially scheduled for May 27 – is being postponed by 24h.

The Soyuz launch vehicle and OneWeb satellites are in a stable and safe condition.

The new targeted launch date for satellite is May 28, 2021:

> 01:38 p.m., in Washington, D.C.,
> 5:38 p.m. Universal Time (UTC),
> 07:38 p.m., in Paris,
> 08:38 p.m., in Moscow,
> 02:38 a.m., at Tokyo and Vostochny Cosmodrome, on May 29.

Soyuz May 20, 2021

Flight ST32: Arianespace to serve OneWeb’s ambitions by increasing its satellite fleet to more than 200 spacecraft

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