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Soyuz December 17, 2019

Flight VS23: Soyuz – COSMO-SkyMed SG / CHEOPS / OPS-SAT / EyeSat / ANGELS: Launch delay

During final countdown operations for Flight VS23, the Soyuz launcher’s automated sequence was interrupted at 1 hour 25 minutes before liftoff.

As a result, the launch of the COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation, CHEOPS, OPS-SAT, EyeSat, ANGELS satellites – originally scheduled for December 17 – has been postponed.

The Soyuz launcher and its satellite payloads were placed in a fully safe standby mode.

The new target launch date will be announced as soon as possible.

Lancement VS23 : Soyuz – COSMO-SkyMed SG1 / CHEOPS / OPS-SAT / EyeSat / ANGELS : Report de lancement
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Soyuz December 9, 2019

Flight VS23: for its ninth mission of 2019, Arianespace at the service of Italy, ESA and CNES

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