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Soyuz July 11, 2011

Arianespace-Starsem Flight ST 23: Soyuz-Fregat – Globalstar-2; Launch postponed 24 hours

Due to a malfunction of an equipment on the Soyuz launch pad during the last seconds of the Arianespace-Starsem ST-23 launch chronology, the launch has been postponed for 24 hours

The launch vehicle and the six satellites of the Globalstar-2 constellation have been placed in stand-by mode and maintained in fully safe conditions.

A new launch attempt is slated for Tuesday, July 12 at 08:43 a.m. Baikonur time (02:43 a.m. UTC).

Arianespace - Starsem Lancement ST 23 Soyuz-Fregat - Globalstar-2 Report de 24 heures
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Soyuz June 28, 2011

Success of the 1,773rd launch of Soyuz

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