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Ariane 5 June 18, 2016

Arianespace Flight VA230: 72nd successful Ariane 5 launch in a row, and a record-setting payload for Ariane 5 ECA

Arianespace has successfully launched two satellites for operators in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region: EchoStar XVIII for the operator DISH Network L.L.C and BRIsat for the Indonesian bank PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

The fifth launch of the year for Arianespace, and the third in 2016 using an Ariane 5, took place on Wednesday, June 18 at 18:38 pm local time from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. This mission was the heavy-lift launcher’s 72nd consecutive success. It set a payload lift record to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) for the Ariane 5 ECA by lofting a total mass of 10,730 kg.

It was also the 230th launch of an Ariane rocket overall, and marked two other milestones, as Arianespace launched two SSL-built (Space Systems Loral) satellites for the first time on a single mission, and also orbited a spacecraft wholly dedicated to a financial institution.

Ariane 5 sets a GTO payload record

Today’s launch sets a all-time Arianespace record for payload sent into geostationary transfer orbit, at 10,730 kg. (including a net weight of 9,840 kg. for the two satellites). The Ariane 5 used on this mission therefore beats the previous record of 10,500 kg. (9,503 kg. for the satellite passengers), set by Ariane 5 during the Flight VA212 mission on February 7, 2013.

Since the start of operations with the Ariane 5 ECA version, a 1.4 ton increase in its payload lift performance has been achieved. This performance will gradually be further enhanced in the framework of the Ariane 5 ECA’s global optimization.

A launch for direct-to-home satellite broadcasting

The EchoStar XVIII direct broadcast satellite (DBS) will enhance the current fleet of DISH Network L.L.C., an American satellite television operator, enabling this company to guarantee optimum service continuity for its customers.

DISH Network LLC (NASDAQ: DISH), through its subsidiaries, has nearly 14 million subscribers for its pay-TV services. DISH offers a high-definition line-up including more than 200 national channels and most international channels, plus advanced HD (high-definition) and direct-broadcast technologies.

  • EchoStar XVIII: the fifth satellite orbited by Arianespace for the operator DISH Network L.L.C.
  • DISH Network and Arianespace first teamed up on EchoStar II in 1996.
  • Arianespace has five more satellites from North American operators in its order book.

Arianespace at the service of innovative applications for the Indonesian archipelago

The BRIsat satellite will allow PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia to offer its customers fast, simple and secure access to banking services, as well as providing a complete and innovative range of business solutions. This satellite-based technology will enable the bank to provide more secure communications for over 10,600 branches, 236,939 electronic channel outlets and nearly 53 million customers across the Indonesian archipelago.

PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (BRI) is the largest state-owned bank in Indonesia. It operates around the clock, managing millions of transactions through facilities located across the country.

  • Arianespace has orbited the first satellite in the world dedicated to a financial establishment.
  • PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. is the 37th satellite operator to choose Arianespace to launch its initial satellite.
  • Arianespace and Indonesia at a glance:
    • Five satellites launched for Indonesian operators since 1996.
    • One more satellite (Telekom 3S) in Arianespace’s launch manifest for 2016.
    • 20th anniversary of Arianespace’s first launch of a satellite to serve Indonesia.

Arianespace and SSL: a successful partnership since 1983

Today’s launch is the first by Arianespace with two satellites built by SSL carried on a single launcher. Both satellites were built at Palo Alto, California using the SSL 1300 platform, which provides the reliability and flexibility needed to deliver a broad range of applications and technologically advanced functions.

Since launching the Intelsat 5F.7 satellite on October 19, 1983, Arianespace and SSL have developed a long term partnership. EchoStar XVIII and BRIsat are the 54th and 55th geostationary satellites based on SSL platforms launched by Arianespace.

Ten more SSL satellites are slated for launch by Arianespace.

Shortly after the announcement of the orbital injection of the BRIsat and EchoStar XVIII satellites, Arianespace Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stéphane Israël said: “With the third successful Ariane 5 launch this year, and the 72nd in a row, Arianespace is very proud of being able to deliver Arianespace’s excellence to our American and Indonesian customers at the service of innovative applications. The all-time payload mass record achieved with this launch also confirms the Ariane 5 heavy-lift launcher’s power and flexibility. Along with industrial prime contractor Airbus Safran Launchers, and within the scope of a program supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), Arianespace will continue to increase the Ariane 5 ECA launcher’s performance in the coming years.

“My thanks to DISH for its renewed confidence, and to BRI for choosing Arianespace to orbit its initial satellite – the first that is fully dedicated to a financial establishment.

“I would like to express our thanks as well to Arianespace’s long-standing partner SSL, which built both satellites launched today. Bravo to Airbus Safran Launchers and the entire European launcher industry for Ariane 5’s exceptional reliability and availability. I also would like to thank ESA, CNES/CSG, and all companies and staff at the launch base, who always are at our side in our continuing success. And congratulations to the teams at Arianespace for this successful 230th launch of an Ariane rocket.”

The EchoStar XVIII satellite

EchoStar XVIII was built by SSL using an SSL 1300 platform.

It weighed 6,300 kg. at launch and offers a design life of approximately 15 years. To be positioned at 110° West, it is fitted with 61 transponders and operates in Ku band.

Coverage zone: CONUS (contiguous United States), Alaska, Hawaii.

The BRIsat satellite

BRIsat was built by SSL using an SSL 1300 platform.

It weighed 3,540 kg. at launch and offers a design life exceeding 15 years. To be positioned at 150.5° West, it is fitted with nine Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders.

Coverage zone: Indonesia, South East and North East Asia.

About Arianespace

To use space for a better life on earth, Arianespace guarantees access to space transportation services and solutions for any type of satellite, commercial as well as institutional, into any orbit. Since 1980, Arianespace has performed missions placing more than 500 satellites into orbit with its three launchers: Ariane, Soyuz and Vega from French Guiana in South America and Baikonur Cosmodrome in central Asia.

Arianespace is headquartered in Evry, France near Paris, and has a facility at the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, plus local offices in Washington, D.C., Tokyo and Singapore.

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Ariane 5 June 17, 2016

Flight VA230 – EchoStar XVIII and BRIsat: Delayed 24-hours due to weather conditions

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