Ariane Flight VA244

with four Galileo satellites


Galileo SAT 23, Galileo SAT 24, Galileo SAT 25, Galileo SAT 26
Launch vehicle
Ariane 5 ES
European Space Agency (ESA)
Prime contractor(s)


For its fourth launch of the year, Arianespace will orbit four more satellites (satellites 23 to 26) for the Galileo constellation. This mission is being performed on behalf of the European Commission under a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA).

For the third time, an Ariane 5 ES version will be used to orbit satellites in Europe’s own satellite navigation system; with all Galileo spacecraft having been launched to date by Arianespace. Ariane 6 will take over from 2020.

Arianespace is proud to mobilize its entire family of launch vehicles for the benefit of Europe’s ambitions and its independent access to space.

Universal Time (UTC)
8:25:01 a.m.
Kourou, French Guiana
1:25:01 p.m.
Paris, France
7:25:01 a.m.
Washington, D.C.


Galileo FOC-M8

Galileo is Europe’s own global navigation satellite system, providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civilian control. Currently providing Initial Services, Galileo is interoperable with GPS and Glonass, the U.S. and Russian global satellite navigation systems. By offering dual frequencies as standard, Galileo is set to deliver real-time positioning accuracy down to the meter range.

The constellation will count 24 operational satellites plus in-orbit spares, of which 22 already have been put into orbit by Arianespace.

In July 2017, ESA officially transferred the supervision of Galileo in-orbit operations to the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA), on behalf of the European Union.

After the VA244 launch, the GSA will be responsible for operating the satellites as soon as they are separated from the launcher. These operations of setting up and operating the system will be done in collaboration with ESA.

and flight

  • Start of final countdown
  • Check of electrical systems
  • Start of filling of the EPC with liquid oxygen and hydrogen
  • Chilldown of Vulcain main stage engine
  • show the countdown
  • Liftoff
  • show the countdown
  • Separation of Galileo satellites 23 and 25
  • Separation of Galileo satellites 24 and 26
  • Upper stage passivation
  • End of the Arianespace mission
Tune in on close