Latest Mission updates

Vega December 1, 2015

The Vega mission with Europe’s LISA Pathfinder is postponed

Vega Flight VV06 has been postponed due to a technical issue on the launch vehicle that requires additional analysis. Results of this analysis will be reviewed tomorrow, leading to a decision for a possible liftoff on December 3.

As launcher teams work on the technical issue, the LISA Pathfinder payload is in stable and safe conditions at the Spaceport in French Guiana.

LISA Pathfinder was developed in a European Space Agency (ESA) program and built by prime contractor Airbus Defence and Space. Produced to study the ripples in space-time predicted by Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, this scientific space probe will operate from the first Sun-Earth Lagrange point (L1).

Vega November 30, 2015

Vega is cleared for its December 2 liftoff with LISA Pathfinder to study the ripples in space-time

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