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Soyuz March 25, 2021

Flight ST30: Soyuz lifts off from Vostochny Cosmodrome with its payload of 36 OneWeb satellites

Soyuz has lifted off from Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome, carrying the next 36 satellites to join OneWeb’s constellation – which will be deployed during a sequence lasting just under 3 hours, 52 minutes from liftoff to separation of all spacecraft passengers.

Payload lift performance for today’s mission – which is designated Flight ST30 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system – is estimated at 5,803 kg.

OneWeb is creating a global connectivity platform through its next-generation satellite constellation, delivering high-speed, low-latency connectivity services to a wide range of customer sectors – including aviation, maritime, backhaul services, as well as governments, emergency response services and more.

Its spacecraft are produced by the OneWeb Satellites joint venture of OneWeb and Airbus Defence and Space, and they are deployed from Soyuz using a dispenser system developed by RUAG Space AB of Linköping, Sweden as prime contractor.

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Soyuz March 22, 2021

Arianespace’s upcoming Soyuz mission will provide a new boost to OneWeb’s satellite constellation

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