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Soyuz April 24, 2016

Soyuz Flight VS14: Liftoff is targeted for April 25

Replacement operations are underway for the inertial unit of Soyuz Flight VS14 that was affected by an outage, and a new technical review will be occur tomorrow at H0-5h.

Liftoff of the Soyuz launcher is now targeted for Monday, April 25, 2016, at the precise moment of:

  • 06:02:13 p.m., (Local time in French Guiana)
  • 05:02:13 p.m., (in Washington, D.C.)
  • 09:02:13 p.m., (UTC)
  • 11:02:13 p.m., (in Paris)
  • 00:02:13 a.m., (in Moscow) on April 26.
Soyuz April 24, 2016

Countdown halted for Soyuz Flight VS14

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