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Soyuz May 9, 2017

SES-15 is readied for its May 18 liftoff on Arianespace’s workhorse Soyuz launcher

Payload preparations are advancing for Arianespace’s upcoming launch: a Soyuz mission to orbit the SES-15 telecommunications spacecraft from the Spaceport in French Guiana next week.

Installation of SES-15 on its payload adapter

SES-15 is installed on its payload adapter in the Spaceport’s S1B clean room facility.

The satellite has been installed on its payload adapter, which will serve as the integration interface with the Soyuz launch vehicle. This mating activity occurred in the Spaceport’s S1B clean room facility.

SES-15 will be the 40th satellite launched by Arianespace for the European-based SES satellite operator, and it marks this long-time customer’s first use of the Soyuz from French Guiana.

The satellite has an estimated liftoff mass of 2,302 kg., with the workhorse Soyuz launcher’s total lift performance set at 2,447 kg. – taking into account the payload integration equipment and other hardware.

Next week’s mission is set for a May 18 liftoff in the morning hours from the Spaceport’s Soyuz Launch Complex (ELS) in Sinnamary, French Guiana, delivering SES-15 into a sub-geostationary transfer orbit. The mission is designated Flight VS17 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system, signifying the 17th Soyuz liftoff from the Spaceport.


Launch window for Flight VS17

Liftoff is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 2017 at exactly:

French Guiana Universal Time (UTC) Washington, D.C. Luxembourg
08:54:53 a.m. 11:54:53 a.m. 07:54:53 a.m. 01:54:53 p.m.


More details are available in the VS17 launch kit:

Soyuz Flight VS17
PDF / 533 KB

SES website:

Soyuz March 15, 2017

SES’ hybrid SES-15 satellite arrives for Arianespace’s next Soyuz mission

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