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Ariane 5 July 1, 2011

A postponement for Arianespace’s mission with ASTRA 1N and BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R

Ariane 5’s dual-payload mission with the ASTRA 1N and BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R satellites was postponed today after a problem with the Spaceport infrastructure was indicated shortly before the scheduled liftoff.

Arianespace Chairman & CEO Jean-Yves Le Gall said the final countdown was stopped following an indication that a liquid hydrogen valve had not closed properly in the ground system network leading to Ariane 5’s core cryogenic stage.

After initial troubleshooting did not fully identify the cause of this anomaly, the mission postponement decision was made.  The launch vehicle, as well as its ASTRA 1N and BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R satellite payloads, were placed in a stand-by mode and are being maintained in fully safe conditions.

Le Gall said a new launch date will be announced as soon as possible.

Ariane 5 July 1, 2011

Final countdown underway for Arianespace's launch with ASTRA 1N and BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R

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