Sustainable development

Meeting future generations’ needs while protecting natural resources

Controlling environmental impact

The ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications received by Arianespace for its facilities in French Guiana – where launch operations are performed – are clear recognitions of the company’s focus on these areas in recent years. Its ISO 14001 certification (for the environmental management system) concerns all Arianespace launchers – Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega – as well as the construction and maintenance of launch facilities. The ISO 50001 certification concerns the energy management system.

Applying a policy based on the continuous protection of the ecosystem around the space center, Arianespace and the Spaceport ensure that each launch has only a limited impact on the environment. The local air and water are checked after each launch for presence of chemical elements, and creeks, aquatic fauna, flora and birds are analyzed twice a year, especially one of the area’s most typical birds, the scarlet ibis.

Contributing to local development

Arianespace is fully committed to a harmonious relationship with its host communities, including partnerships with business, education and government entities, especially the Evry-Centre Essonne community where it is headquartered, and the launch site in French Guiana.

The company plays a key role through its launch business in French Guiana, which generates some 1,700 jobs at nearly 40 companies. Arianespace also is involved in educational, cultural and sports initiatives, including three scholarships awarded every year for students to continue studies at a university.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014-2015 (English)
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Rapport Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale 2014-2015 (Français)
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