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Meeting the Arianespace motto: "Any mass, any orbit, anytime"

Using space for a better life on earth

0 Arianespace was founded in

An assigned mission of guaranteeing independent access to space for Europe

A goal of being a leader in commercial space transport

Orbit satellites for all types of space-based applications: telecommunications, navigation, science, Earth observation, technology demonstrations, etc.

Three launch solutions

Ariane 5

The heavy-lift launcher

The global benchmark for launches to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO); 111 launches, 229 satellites orbited.

Versatile, and especially well-suited to the deployment of constellations; 25 launches from the Guiana Space Center since 2011 (65 satellites orbited), and 36 from the Russian cosmodromes of Baikonur and Vostochny, via Starsem (489 satellites orbited).


The medium-lift launcher


The lightweight launcher

Ideally suited for the launch of Sun-synchronous Earth observation satellites; 20 launches, 108 satellites orbited.

Ready for the future

With Ariane 6

And Vega C

Launch sites

Name: Guiana Space Center (CSG)
Country: French Guiana
Continent: South America
Launcher(s): Ariane 5, Soyuz, Vega

5° 13’ 50.6’’ N, 52° 46’ 7.9’’ W

Name: Baikonur
Country: Kazakhstan
Continent: Central Asia
Launcher(s): Soyuz (via Starsem)

45° 55’ 12.93’’ N, 63° 20’ 32.04’’ E

The global benchmark in launch services


satellites launched since the outset (over half of all telecom satellites now in service worldwide)

€1 billion

in revenues (2020)

€3.6 billion

Current order book value, including 22 customers

14 Ariane 5/Ariane 6 launches

12 Soyuz launches

6 Vega/Vega C launches

2020 operational record



  • 3

    by Ariane 5

  • 5

    by Soyuz

  • 2

    by Vega

Multidisciplinary skills and expertise, global presence

United States

French Guiana





employees dedicated to customer service, at facilities in:

Repartition of Arianespace capital

Arianespace's capital is held at 74%


by ArianeGroup

France 64.10%

1.89% Air Liquide SA

62.10% ArianeGroup

0.11% Clemessy SA

n.s. Compagnie Deutsch SAS

Belgium 3.36%

2.71% S.A.B.C.A. SA (Sté Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques)

0.33% Thales Alenia Space Belgium

0.32% Safran Aero Boosters

Germany 19.85%

11.59% ArianeGroup

8.26% MT Aerospace AG

Italy 3.38%

3.38% Avio SpA

Netherlands 1.94%

1.94% Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands BV

Norway 0.11%

0.11% Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

Spain 2.14%

2.03% Airbus Defence and Space SAU

0.11% CRISA

Sweden 2.45%

1.63% GKN Aerospace Sweden AB

0.82% RUAG Space AB

Switzerland 2.67%

2.67% RUAG Schweiz AG

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