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Meeting the company’s motto of: “Any mass, to any orbit, anytime”

Using space for a better life on earth

Arianespace provides guaranteed launch solutions for all types of satellites, whether institutional or commercial, to all orbits. The company was founded in 1980 with the following responsibilities:

  • An assigned mission of guaranteeing independent access to space for Europe.
  • A goal of being a leader in commercial space transport.
  • Arianespace orbits satellites for all types of space-based applications: telecommunications, navigation, science, Earth observation, technology demonstrations, etc.

Three launch solutions

Ariane 5, the heavy launcher

  • The global benchmark for launches to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).
  • 83 launches, including 69 successful launches in a row since 2003.

Soyuz, the medium launcher

  • Versatile, and especially well suited to the deployment of constellations.
  • 13 launches from the Guiana Space Center since 2011, and 26 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, via Starsem (38 successful missions).

Vega, the light launcher

  • Ideally suited for the launch of Sun-synchronous Earth observation satellites.
  • 6 launches, all successful, since being introduced in 2012.

Launch sites

  • Guiana Space Center (CSG) in French Guiana, near the equator in South America, for all three launchers.
  • Baikonur, Kazakhstan, in central Asia, for Soyuz, via Starsem.

The global benchmark in launch services

  • More than 520 satellites orbited since the outset (over half of all telecom satellites now in service worldwide).
  • More than 1.4 billion euros in revenues (2014).
  • More than Order book worth 5.3 billion euros for 58 launches and 39 customers:
    • 24 Ariane 5 launches, including seven dedicated missions and 16 dual missions to launch 32 satellites into GTO,
    • 25 Soyuz launches,
    • 9 Vega launches.
  • 2015 operational record: 12 launches, including six by Ariane 5, three by Soyuz, and three by Vega.

Multidisciplinary skills and expertise, global presence

313 employees dedicated to customer service, at facilities in:

  • France, at company headquarters in Evry, near Paris
  • South America: the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana
  • United States: Washington, C.
  • Japan: Tokyo

20 shareholders representing the entire European space industry, including:

  • Airbus Safran Launchers (39%).
  • French space agency CNES (35%); this stake is set to be acquired by Airbus Safran Launchers.
  • MT Aerospace AG (8.3%), Avio Spa (3.4%), SABCA (2.7%), RUAG Schweiz AG (2.7%), etc.
  • ESA, as censor.

(As of: January 14, 2016)

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