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Soyuz April 22, 2016

Arianespace Flight VS14: Soyuz – Sentinel-1B – Microscope – Fly Your Satellite! Launch postponed by 24 hours

During the technical review prior to the start of Soyuz fueling, the availability of the launcher, satellites, ground facilities and the launch base was confirmed.

However, given the weather conditions currently observed above the Guiana Space Center – and the forecast for the moment of liftoff – Arianespace decided to interrupt the final countdown and not initiate launcher fueling operations.

The launch vehicle and its payloads have been placed in stand-by mode, and maintained in fully safe conditions.

As the weather outlook for tomorrow is favorable, Arianespace has set the new Flight VS14 launch date for the evening of Saturday, April 23, 2016, at exactly:

  • 06:02:13 p.m., (Local time in French Guiana)
  • 05:02:13 p.m., (in Washington, D.C.)
  • 09:02:13 p.m., (UTC)
  • 11:02:13 p.m., (in Paris)
  • 00:02:13 a.m., (in Moscow) on April 24.


ARIANESPACE MISSION VS14 SOYUZ - Sentinel-1B – Microscope – Fly Your Satellite! REPORT DE 24 HEURES
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Soyuz April 15, 2016

Flight VS14 – Arianespace’s first Soyuz launch in 2016: supporting European space applications

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