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Feature story

Arianespace profile: Richard Bowles, Managing Director, ASEAN Office

May 7, 2012

Arianespace’s continued strong relationship with the Asia-Pacific region will be highlighted once again with the next Ariane 5 launch, which is to orbit a pair of communication satellites for Vietnamese and Japanese operators: VINASAT-2 and JCSAT-13.

Arianespace’s Singaporean subsidiary was opened by Richard Bowles in 1996.

Maintaining and enhancing Arianespace’s track record of cooperation and partnership in this part of the globe is a central focus of Richard Bowles, Managing Director of the company’s Singaporean subsidiary – who opened the strategic location in 1996.

The office, which serves customers primarily in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region – with coverage from the east of India to Australasia – allows Arianespace to regularly interface with the area’s customers to better understand their needs and meet their requirements.

“It’s a region with many, many different cultures,” said Bowles, who first joined Arianespace in a marketing role during 1986. “Being present here, you’re able to appreciate that Asia is not one continent – rather, it is a continuum of cultures and civilizations that go back thousands of years, with each being quite different from the next.”

The ASEAN office currently is building on a record level of commercial activity in 2011, underscoring the market’s continued significant growth and its contribution to Arianespace’s commercial order book. 

Bowles expects Arianespace’s traditional presence with the Ariane series of launchers to increase even more now that Soyuz and Vega have become part of the company’s launch vehicle family – adding a “whole new dimension” to its capabilities in meeting ASEAN customers’ mission needs.

With the medium-lift Soyuz and light-lift Vega now joining the heavy-lift Ariane 5 workhorse, Arianespace offers a full range of payload lift solutions that are well tailored to the zone’s growing demand for geostationary telecommunications relay capacity, along with its emerging demands for Earth observation and governmental missions in lower Earth orbits.

“Added to this broad launch capability is Arianespace’s emphasis on quality, which is highly appreciated in this area of the world,” Bowles concluded. “As a result, Arianespace will continue to be a major player here, ready to meet the full launch services requirements of a very dynamic, growing and very ambitious region.”

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