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Soyuz April 24, 2016

The next Arianespace Soyuz mission is set for April 24

Arianespace has decided to restart the launch chronology for Soyuz Flight VS14, as the weather conditions over Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana are now favorable.

Flight VS14 will orbit the Sentinel-1B satellite for the Copernicus program, on behalf of the European Commission and within the framework of a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA).

Also to be orbited on the mission are the French CNES space agency’s Microscope satellite, and three CubeSats for the ESA Education and Knowledge Management Office’s Fly Your Satellite! program.

European Commission website – Copernicus:

European Space Agency website – Copernicus:

European Space Agency website, Fly Your Satellite!/CubeSats:

CNES website – Microscope:

Thales Alenia Space website:

Soyuz April 22, 2016

Weather postponement for Arianespace’s Flight VS14 Soyuz mission

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