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Launcher family

Arianespace's launcher family – composed of the heavy-lift Ariane 5, medium-lift Soyuz and lightweight Vega – provides performance and flexibility that enables the company to meet its motto: "any mass, to any orbit...anytime."

All three vehicles will operate side-by-side at the Spaceport in French Guiana, the world's only dedicated commercial launch site, and are supported by Arianespace's experienced teams.

As a result, Arianespace is the first service provider capable of offering mission performance truly tailored to its customers' requirements – bringing an integrated approach that is unique to the launch industry.

Ariane 5 has been in commercial operation with Arianespace since 1999, and is the heavy-lift launcher of choice for satellite operators and manufacturers around the world.

Soyuz joined the Arianespace family in 2011, bringing the world's longest-operating launcher to the Spaceport for medium-weight telecommunications, scientific, and Earth observation missions.

Vega is a new-generation launch vehicle developed to provide highly efficient access to low-Earth and Sun-synchronous orbits for small and medium-sized payloads.  On its initial launch in February 2012, this light-lift vehicle demonstrated its mission flexibility by orbiting nine satellites.

With the capabilities of all three vehicles in commercial service, Arianespace is targeting a flight activity level of approximately 10 missions annually from French Guiana – consisting of an average seven Ariane 5 flights per year, plus two Soyuz missions and a Vega launch.

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