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Arianespace benefits from a simplified procurement organization for its family of Vega, Soyuz and Ariane 5 launchers, and relies on a prime contractor for each vehicle. 

For Vega, the industrial prime contractor is ELV S.p.A. – a Colleferro, Italy-based company created in December 2000 to manage the launch vehicle’s development and production.  ELV S.p.A. is jointly owned by Avio and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), with 70 and 30 percent shareholdings, respectively.   The shareholders’ extensive experience in the field of solid propulsion includes the supply of boosters for Ariane-3, Ariane-4 and Ariane-5 launchers.

As the Vega’s industrial prime contractor, ELV is in charge of acceptance of the launcher's components and their integration in French Guiana. As the launcher design authority, the company also participates in final preparations and launch operations, alongside the Arianespace mission teams.

1. RUAG Space
Zurich, Switzerland
Payload fairing

Madrid, Spain
Adapter 937

4. Avio
Colleferro, Italy
AVUM (stage integration and test)

5. Avio
Colleferro, Italy
3rd stage (production integration and test)

6. Avio
Colleferro, Italy
2nd stage (production, integration and test)

7. Avio
Colleferro, Italy
1st stage (stage integration and test)

8. Europropulsion
Suresnes, France
P80FW motor

9. Thales, INSNEC, Galileo Avionica, CRISA, RUAG Space, SAFT
AVUM avionics

Madrid, Spain
AVUM structure and AVUMT3 skirt

11. KB Yuzhnove
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
RD-869 motor and propulsion system

12. S.A.B.C.A
Brussels, Belgium
3rd stage thrust vector control

13. Oerlikon Contraves Italia (O.C.I)
Rome, Italy
Stage 2/3 interstage

14. Dutch Space
Leiden, The Netherlands
Stage 1/2 interstage

15. S.A.B.C.A
Brussels, Belgium
2nd stage thrust vector control

16. Stork Product Engineering
Delft, The Netherlands
Igniters for stages 1, 2 and 3

17. S.A.B.C.A
Brussels, Belgium
0T1 interstage skirt

18. S.A.B.C.A
Brussels, Belgium
1st stage thrust vector control

19. SNECMA Propulsion Solid
Le Haillan, France

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