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On the move January 22, 2014

Pacific Telecommunications Council conference (PTC’14)

Arianespace’s presence in Hawaii at PTC’14 includes its annual boat cruise (attendees shown at left) and Arianespace Senior Vice President -Sales & Customers Jacques Breton’s participation in the event’s satellite industry roundtable discussion (right).

Arianespace is in the “Aloha” spirit at the Pacific Telecommunications Council conference (PTC’14), underscoring the company’s busy 2014 launch schedule – which is shaping up to be a record year – and its continuing evolution to meet customers’ needs.

The company’s active presence at this annual gathering includes participation in the event’s satellite sector panel session, as well as Arianespace’s traditional whale-watching Hawaiian boat cruise for industry executives and decision-makers – with several humpback whales stopping by as visitors.

Jacques Breton, Arianespace’s Senior Vice President – Sales & Customers, highlighted the company’s continuing competitiveness in launch services over more than 30 years as he took part in PTC’14’s Satellite Industry Luncheon roundtable discussion – which was co-sponsored by Arianespace.

With the theme of “New World, New Strategies,” PTC’14 is the Asia-Pacific region’s premier telecommunications event, offering a platform for the industry to focus on planning, networking and looking forward to the New Year.

On the move January 16, 2014

Arianespace New Year’s greetings in Italy and Spain

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