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On the move October 5, 2010

European Union-Japan Business Round Table

In his capacity as co-chair of the European Union-Japan Business Round Table, Arianespace Chairman & CEO Jean-Yves Le Gall met this week with new fellow co-chair Hiromasa Yonekura to produce joint recommendations for 2011.

During their meeting, the chairmen focused on the Round Table’s strategy for 2011 – which, according to Le Gall, will be characterized by cooperation between Japanese and European Union (EU) businesses at a time when both regions of the world face similar challenges.

on-the-move_eu-japan-hp2Added Le Gall: “As regards bilateral trade and investment, I stressed to my interlocutors the importance for EU business of removing the Non Tariff Measures that impede the access to the Japanese market for EU goods, services and investment.”

The European Union-Japan Business Round Table was created in 1995 to foster communications between Japanese and European industries.  Le Gall joined four years ago, and was elected to a two-year term as co-chairman in July 2009. Yonekura became a Round Table co-chair earlier this year, succeeding Toshiba Corporation Chairman Tadashi Okamura.

“The Japanese business community has a strong conviction that through an Economic Integration Agreement (EIA), the EU and Japan can deal with tariff and non-tariff barriers collectively and establish a win-win relationship,” said Yonekura, who also is the chairman of Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.  “I am very much looking forward to a lively discussion on an EIA at the next annual meeting of European Union-Japan Business Round Table.”

On the move August 25, 2010

World Space-Biz 2010

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