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On the move April 28, 2010

European Union-Japan Business Round Table

Arianespace Chairman & CEO Jean-Yves Le Gall is playing a role in defining the future of European/Japanese economic relations in his capacity as co-chair of the European Union-Japan Business Round Table, a forum of some 50 Japanese and European business leaders that met in Tokyo this month.

The April 19-20 meeting of the group finalized a group of recommendations to set European-Japan bilateral relations in a new framework once an existing 10-year action plan expires next year. These guidelines addressed such issues as trade and investment barriers; challenges posed by climate change and the fast-growing global demand for energy, raw materials and food; and European Union-Japan cooperation in the research and development of next-generation technologies.

brt-handover-ceremonyThese recommendations were formally presented today in Tokyo to Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, European Union President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

“Conditions must be right to launch a new framework – in particular if it is through a bilateral agreement – because remaining trade and investment barriers are often difficult to remove,” Le Gall said in comments at today’s presentation event.  “Necessary legislative changes require political will and guidance at the highest level.  We urge the European Union and Japan to reinforce their cooperation in addressing the common challenges posed by climate change and the fast-growing demand for energy, raw material and food products that result in harmful supply shortages.”

Le Gall joined the Round Table four years ago, and was elected to a two-year term as co-chairman in July 2009. He currently serves with Tadashi Okamura, Chairman of the Toshiba Corporation, who is now being succeeded by Mr. Hiromasa Yonekura, Chairman of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

On the move April 21, 2010

Japan Week 2010 reception

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