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On the move November 13, 2014


Arianespace is ready to provide the “first ride into space” for the new generation of start-up satellite enterprises, offering the flexibility of a proven launcher family that covers the full range of mission requirements – from lightweight spacecraft payloads and satellite constellations to the heaviest telecommunications relay platforms.

This was the message of Clay Mowry, president of the Arianespace, Inc. subsidiary in the U.S., who was participating in the CCW SATCON conference, a New York meeting and exhibition for media, entertainment and communications technology.

Arianespace has long supported new market entrants by providing services tailored to these customers’ specific requirements, and has developed tailored technical solutions that include multiple-satellite deployment systems and adapted mission profiles.

Mowry said that as venture capital is backing a greater number of such start-ups, Arianespace’s launcher family reliability and availability is ready to support their initial satellite launches – which is particularly critical for new companies’ service introduction phases.

He noted that Arianespace also remains the launch provider of choice for legacy operators, who continue to refine their product offerings.  Many of these operators attend the annual CWW SATCON conference, which involves two days of sessions covering industry trends, emerging market opportunities and next-generation technologies.

On the move October 15, 2014

International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS)

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