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On the move April 13, 2015

31st Space Symposium

Clayton Mowry – President of the Arianespace, Inc. subsidiary – provided insights during the 31st Space Symposium’s “Prospects and Issues for the Launch Community” panel session on April 14.

Arianespace’s position as a launch services leader is being spotlighted with its presence at the 31st Space Symposium – which brings together American defense leaders, European space agency managers, commercial space companies and others for discussions on the future of space.

Representing the company on the “Prospects and Issues for the Launch Community” panel session was Clayton Mowry, President of the Washington, D.C.-based Arianespace, Inc. subsidiary. The panel also included executives from other launch service providers and space propulsion system suppliers.

Among the key topics addressed by Mowry was the heavy-lift Ariane 6 launcher, which is being developed to succeed Arianespace’s workhorse Ariane 5. This next-generation vehicle’s advantages include its competitive prices, flexibility in meeting future payload lift requirements and synergy with Arianespace’s launcher family concept; while Mowry also noted that Ariane 6 will lower the price per kilogram to orbit.

Speaking about the small satellite market, Mowry also explained how Vega – the light-lift vehicle that began operations from French Guiana in February 2012, joining Ariane 5 and the medium-lift Soyuz – has become the launcher of choice for this emerging sector.

In addition, Mowry highlighted Arianespace’s dual-payload launch capability – which is a hallmark of the company’s launch services and solutions offer; as well as readiness of the European industrial base to continue providing a steady stream of launch vehicles moving forward.

This year’s Space Symposium – which is the 31st edition of the annual industry event – is being held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Called the National Space Symposium for its first 29 years, the event was renamed in 2014 to reflect the event’s global profile.

On the move April 8, 2015

Arianespace Japan Week 2015

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