Richard Bowles

Managing Director, Singapore Asean Office

Richard Bowles opened Arianespace’s Asean office in December 1996 and is currently their Managing Director for Asean countries.

Following his Engineer Graduate training with Rolls Royce Aero Engine and Loughborough University of Technology, Bowles moved to Philips’ PYE TVT division, the group’s company responsible for manufacturing TV transmitter networks and installing production TV studios.

A further move, this time into computing technology, with a division of Plessey took him to France where he was responsible for creating a sales and support organisation for Plessey Microsystems.

It was in 1986 that he joined Arianespace. It was a challenging time to join Arianespace. At first working in a marketing support function he quickly moved to sales and took responsibility for Turkey and Canada. After successfully proving himself in those areas he was given the responsibility of promoting sales in S.E. Asia.

In 1991 his efforts were rewarded when the first satellite launch contract for Arianespace in South East Asia was signed for launching Thaicom 1. Since then many satellite launch contracts have been signed by Arianespace for customers in the region.

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